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Walk and Talk Sessions: Connecting with the benefits of movement & nature’s healings

What should I expect from Walk and Talk sessions?

We will first meet virtually for your initial assessment. Walk and Talk sessions can be combined with your virtual sessions or we can discuss a plan to meet your therapeutic needs. Once we decide the location from the preferred walking sites, we will meet at the selected site the day of our scheduled session. We will be walking side by side maintaining a mindful awareness while talking about an issue or problem solving. During our talk, therapeutic modalities are utilized in helping you meet your therapeutic goals.

What if I am not physically active, will I still be able to benefit from Walk and Talk therapy?

These sessions are not exercise sessions. The focus is on creating the bodies natural movement while walking side by side with your therapist. There are many benefits to moving your body, such as reducing stress and tension, and improving circulation. We will be processing in a relaxed environment, which will facilitate mind and body connections. If you have any ability concerns, please discuss with me during your initial evaluation. Physical health concerns should be discussed with a primary health care provider before starting sessions.

Where will the Walk and Talk sessions take place?

There are intentions behind choosing the location. We will discuss what environments you feel most relaxed in. We will decide on the location from preferred location sites list I have created. List of locations are in Orange County, California.

What is the Cost of Walk and Talk sessions?

30 min sessions $90

50 min sessions $150

* For extended sessions prorated fees are offered at the same rate.