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The Journey Of A First Generation College Student

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Imagine being clear on the path you want to take but unsure of what direction to go and unsure of what is needed on this journey. Imagine picking up a map to help you navigate this new journey but easily getting overwhelmed with the multiple tasks and possibilities. When you reach out for support from your loved ones, you realize their support may be limited as this is a new journey for them too. When there is lack of support and guidance, the initial feeling of excitement and achievement can quickly be replaced with Anxiety and stress.

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Preventing Sibling Rivalry During Early Childhood


Early childhood relationships such as (parent, sibling, grandparents, etc.) can serve as a template for all future adult relationships. Through these early childhood interactions, a child learns about boundaries, safety, sharing, and the foundations of forming attachments.  These relationship models provide us with learning opportunities. A child may observe their parent’s behavior across several social settings. Through observation and trial and error they may learn how to create and maintain those relationships. Continue reading “Preventing Sibling Rivalry During Early Childhood”