Post Partum Depression

A Roller Coaster Of Emotions


There are many emotions and different stages when experiencing the birth of a baby. Although there are guidelines and literature of what to expect, it is a journey that looks different for everyone.

This journey may include positive experiences as well as traumatic ones. Once the baby is born, the attachment process can also differ from person to person and is not always an automatic process. Yet most women can relate to the roller coaster of emotions. Continue reading “A Roller Coaster Of Emotions”

Self Care

E-Thoughts: Half Way Home Mark

Utilizing the half way home mark can be very beneficial in separating work and home life.  This can allow you to be present in the moment and mentally separate from any stressors that are occurring in your everyday life.

Tips on how the half way home mark works: Continue reading “E-Thoughts: Half Way Home Mark”


Understanding the different types of helping professionals

We have specialists for every discipline.  If there are physical health issues there are MD’s available and if there are financial concerns there are financial advisors.  What about mental health concerns?

About 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year ( Yet there is still an overpowering stigma around seeking help for mental health concerns. Continue reading “Understanding the different types of helping professionals”