UNIDAS-Consultation group

This is a Mental Health consultation group for BIPOC clinicians in California. A virtual and in-person space to support, consult and watch each other flourish! Group has been running since 2018! Interested in joining UNIDAS?

We meet every 3rd Friday of the month.


Our History

UNIDAS is accepting new members! We are a closed consultation group for BIPOC clinicians. It is a supportive space for mental health providers at all stages of their private practice journey. UNIDAS has been running since 2018! We do monthly virtual consultations and occasional in person events. When I first started private practice I experienced the lack of mentorship and support out there for BIPOC clinicians in private practice. I found out that many BIPOC clinicians shared the same experience and that is how UNIDAS was formed! We have an ongoing chat group in which we can ask questions, request a one on one consultation and share resources. Monthly active participation is highly encouraged in maintaining a cohesive environment. We have in person wellness days and occasional celebrations but most of our meetings are virtual. This is a collaborative group for clinicians who are interested in supporting each other’s growth and providing a space in which we can be a better version of ourselves personally and professionally while providing best practices for our clients! Contact me for more information 949-385-3013

Being part of the UNIDAS consultation group has been amazing to say the least. I started my private practice two years ago, and I felt like something was missing. I no longer had a Supervisor or co-workers to get feedback on cases, so when Xiomara told me about her consultation group, I immediately said YES! And I am glad I did because it has provided me with the clinical consultation I needed from other Latinx and POC therapists with similar backgrounds & experiences, and we also get to support each other  as business owners, which are skills we were not taught in Graduate school. I am so grateful & thankful to Xiomara for creating this space for us to come together as mental health practitioners & as colleagues in this field. 

Michelle Mojica, LCSW & Holistic-Indigenous Practitioner

As a member of the UNIDAS group I can confidently share that my experience has been great to say the least. Xiomara is supportive, warm and thoughtful of each of her members. She takes the time to make sure that we all feel supported. In this group we share, connect and uplift each other.  I am lucky to have a group where professional support feels human and comforting to the therapist soul. Gracias Xiomara for providing this space.

Andreina Zamudio, LCSW